How to choose the most suitable mattress?
  • Comfort

To find the perfect mattress, it is recommended to try it first before proceeding to any purchases. Mattresses are not recommended to be too hard or too soft as our spines need great support from the mattress itself and this will lead us to good relaxation level for both our body and mind.

A mattress cannot be too hard or soft, as it will cause long term damage to your spine. For a quality night sleep, you must choose a mattress that is suitable for yourself.

When trying a mattress, you should lie down and try the mattress with different sleeping positions. In addition, try to compare different mattress models in order to choose the best one that suits you the most. Our spine should be in a natural S curve while lying on the mattress. It is key to check if the mattress adapts/fits your body shape.


  • Firmness

Whether the mattress is made of latex, spring or memory foam, the mattress itself should have sufficient firmness. Since each person’s body shape, spinal length varies; the adaption to the level of mattress firmness will be different as well. We recommend clients to try the mattress carefully  before purchasing. We also suggest customer to test with their hands whether the mattress feels hollow inside or not. If it does, this means the density inside the mattress is low and lacks support. This leads to a quick change of mattress shape and affects sleeping posture.


  • Durability

The time span for a mattress is usually between 7 to 10 years but for Sea Horse Mattress over 10 years as memory form mattress last longer than pocket spring mattress.  Whether adults or children are not recommended to stand or jump on the mattress since it will affect the durability and quality of the mattress. A mattress should be flipped once a month in order to maintain its durability and elasticity.

What is the warranty period?

  • All Sea Horse Mattress comes with 10 Years Warranty. The warranty only applies to Sea Horse Diamond and Healthy Mattress.
  • Please contact us by calling 03 9841 8689 or submit a warranty claim by email: You may be required to send us photos of the damage to help us in our investigation. We will then contact you to finalise your warranty claim. Please do not attempt to return an item before speaking to our customer service department on 03 9841 8689 or email:
  • We will not refund or replace a product that you have bought and received where, in our reasonable opinion, the product has become of unacceptable quality due to fair wear and tear; misuse; failure to use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions; using it in an abnormal way; or failure to take reasonable care.
  • We will only consider exchange if the item is Dead on Arrival (DOA).
What is your refund and return policy if the product I purchase is not suitable for me?

  • We do not accept refund and return if you change your mind. Please test out the product before purchase.
What if I change my mind?

  • For health and hygiene reasons, mattresses and pillows are not eligible for a change of mind return.
What if the mattress I ordered arrives damaged or faulty?

  • In the unlikely event that your item arrives damaged or faulty, please let the Customer Service Team know instantly by calling us on 03 9841 8689 or email:
Is free shipping apply to me?

  • Free shipping is only available in Melbourne Metro Area. If you live outside of Melbourne Metro Area, charges apply.
How long does it takes for my order to be delivery?

  • Once the order is placed, we will review, process and arrange delivery within 7 days if the item is in-stock. We will call you one day before delivery to arrange for delivery time.
Can I order a mattress and have it delivered at later date?

  • Special request is allowed when you let us know before making purchase in-store or online. If you want your mattress to deliver to you later date, please let our Customer Service Team know in advance if you purchase online or by phone call. If you purchase in-store, please let our friendly staff know before making purchase. Not all special request is accepted but it depends on what special request you want.
What is your customer service operating hours?

  • Office Hours: 10am to 5:30pm (Monday to Sunday). Closed on Public Holiday.